Tele Cinema: Padre de Pamilya

Airing Date

January 30,2012-April 6,2012

Total Episode





Drama, Family

Followed by

Tele Cinema: Sa Piling Mo

Padre de Pamilya revolves around the story of the Ramirez family.


Main Cast

Actor Character Character Description
Leonardo Batungbakal Alfredo Ramirez The head of the Ramirez family who will try everything to keep his family straight.
Wilma Chavez Rosalinda "Rosa" Ramirez The wife of Alfredo who'll support him on everything.
Carlos dela Vega Juan Ramirez The oldest son of Alfredo and Rosa and also the one who cares for them the most.Juan has a lot of children from 3 woman and will try everything just to get things right.
Samantha Hernandez Rose Marie Ramirez-Cayetano The eldest daughter of Alfredo and Rosalinda. She is very ambitious and will try anything just to get what she wanted. She has a daughter named Jessica who is against her. She is the wife of Enrico Cayetano a rich business man.
Olivia Bartolome Julia Ramirez-Benitez The 2nd to the oldest daughter of Alfredo and Rosa. She is the wife of Ricky Benitez a famous architect.
Bernard Sanchez Nathaniel Ramirez The youngest son of Alfredo and Rosa. Nathaniel is a very hard working person who will do anything just to get what he wanted to achieve and also to get from Juan's level in life.
Queenie Zamora Helen Ramirez-Benitez The youngest daughter of Alfredo and Rosa. Helen is married to a rich business man.
Alice Pineda Josephine Ramirez Youngest daughter of Juan and Epifanya.Josephine is very good at everything, getting good grades at school and she also hates loosing to anyone even if it's her siblings.
Seiji Hernandez Erickson Ramirez Oldest son of Juan and Epifanya. Erickson is a very intelligent guy and is very popular in school and girls.
Alex Rivera Jonas Ramirez Youngest son of Juan and Epifanya. They sometimes called him a genious for passing 5th grade at a young age. He's only 8 years old.
Shirley Johnson Jolina Ramirez The oldest daughter of Juan and Gina. She will try everything just to get revenge on Juan and Gina. Juan for leaving ger mother and marrying Epifanya and Gina for not being a good mother to her and to her sisters and brothers.
Kayla Yamamoto Marjorie "Marj" Ramirez The daughter of Juan and Adelaida. She is a very loving daughter even though she knows that she is just an accident. She is working at the Ramirez company as a marketing employee.
Carla Arellano Alexandra "Xandra" Ramirez The 2nd oldest daughter of Juan and Gina. She is very unfortunate when it comes to love though she knows that at the right time she'll find someone that will love her truly. She is also against her mother and sister Jolina's revenge at the Ramirez family though she knows that her father Juan is right for leaving them. She really hates his mother Gina and now working at the Ramirez company as a secretary.
Tony del Valle Abelardo "Abel" Ramirez The one and only son of Juan and Gina. he doesn't care even if the whole Ramirez family gets in a war or her sister Jolina and her mother Gina get revenge on the Ramirez. He only cares about his own family and how to make them happy. He's a doctor. He is the husband of Selina.
Franchesca Mays Joanna Cayetano The only daughter of Rose Marie and also the one who will be on Rose Marie's way for getting a revenge on her parents from what happen 50 years ago.

Supporting Cast

Actor Character Character Description
Yolanda Montenegro Epifanya "Anya" Ramirez The wife of Juan and the mother of Erickson, Josephine, and Jonas.
Aguinaldo Santiago Ricky Benitez A famous architect and the husband of Julia.He is also the father of Sarah and Rose Ann.
Urissa Montenegro Gina Herrera Mother of Jolina, Alexandra, and Abel. She can't accept that Juan doesn't love her anymore so she will try to ruin the whole Ramirez family.
Katrina San Pedro Adelaida "Aida" Samonte The 3rd woman in Juan's life and the loving mother of Marjorie.
Fernando Valdez Enrico Cayetano A rich business man and the husband of Rose Marie. He is also the father of Joanna.
Aya Rutherford Rose Ann Benitez Youngest daughter of Julia and Ricky. She is prettier than her older sister but is very stubborn.
Lucia Smith Sarah Benitez Oldest daughter of Julia and Ricky. She is simple and a very loving daughter unlike her younger sister Rose Ann. She is a college graduate. And now working as an architect like her father.
Alden Garcia David Medina The son of Julia in another man and he will try to get revenge at his mother for leaving him to his dad a long time ago.He is also the step brother of Sarah and Rose Ann.
Chloe Mays Selina Ramirez Wife of Abel.
Belle London Angel Ramirez Daughter of Abel and Selina.

Guest Cast

Actor Character Character Description

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