Princessa ng Daigdig

Airing Date

February 12,2007-April 20,2007

Total Episode





Drama, Romance



Diana (Sandy Hyland) came from a very well known family the Altamira. She has a best friend named TJ (Seiji Morales) who always help her when she has problems. One day when Diana was on her way to TJ's birthday party she had a car accident, none of her family knows what really happen to her even her sister Vanessa (Tina Houston) doesn't know what happened. Diana is found by Juan (Fausto San Miguel) and Alberta Gonzales (Corazon Enriquez) a two couple who lived in the province where TJ's birthday party was being held. The next morning Alberta asked Diana what's her named and as a result Diana lost all of her memories. There camed Linneth (Yna Yamase) Juan and Alberta's only daughter and Raymond (Daniel Zamora) Linneth's wife came with their daughter Lisa (Eris Watson) since Lisa wanted an older sister she begged her parents to take Diana home with them and there they also named Diana, Bea Gonzales as a new part of the family.

Princessa ng DaigdigEdit

  • Daniel Uena as Andrew Sebastian
  • Sandy Hyland as Diana Altamira/Bea Gonzales
  • Tina Houston as Vanessa Altamira
  • Sam Nevada as Joshua "Josh" Madrigal
  • Isabelle Watson as Denise Aguilar
  • Seiji Hernandez as TJ Morales

Supporting Cast

  • Daniel Zamora as Raymond Gonzales
  • Yna Yamase as Linneth Gonzales
  • Fausto San Miguel as Juan Gonzales
  • Corazon Enriquez as Alberta "Berta" Gonzales
  • Eris Watson as Lisa Gonzales

Guest Cast

  • Chase Sanders as Young Andrew
  • Nadia Fujisaki as Young Diana
  • Alexandra Torres as Young Vanessa
  • Alex Le as Young TJ